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Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance policy should provide you with exactly the kind of cover you need. This is why Delight Travels offers multiple travel insurance plans. We have specialised travel insurance policies for domestic and international travel. Additionally, we have customised travel insurance policies for senior citizens and students who are heading abroad to expand their horizons.

Travel Insurance helps you tackle medical emergencies, unforeseen expenses and various other risks that you might encounter during a trip. It covers compensation for lost baggage or passport, trip cancellation, flight accidents, and other losses while travelling domestically or internationally. In India, travel insurance is quickly becoming a must-have while planning a family vacation, a business trip or even a trekking adventure. You can choose from an array of travel insurance policies, such as those offering heavy medical reimbursements or others providing flight delay compensations. In some countries such as the United States of America, medical costs can be exorbitant. So, you can choose your travel insurance plan depending upon your country of travel. Similarly, for domestic travel, you can look at suitable plans that cover trip cancellations, journey interruptions, and other associated risks.

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