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We make business travelers happy

Ask people about booking leisure travel and you’ll see them smile. Ask people about booking business travel and you’ll hear how it’s a nightmare. Our mission is to change that.


Our Journey

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

That single step came for The Delight Travels and Tours in the year 2020 – the year of new foundation and the year of new beginnings!


With the idea to create a world of affordable tourism and to explore as well as innovate new avenues in the travel industry.


​We are specialize in tours from Sierra Leone but are always expanding and enhancing our wide range of offers, as well as adding new and exciting tours of India, Italy, Britain Eastern Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Our forte includes corporate travel, leisure travel and all other travel related arrangements. Full-fledged travel arrangements are carried out with minimal exertion or stress to our customer.


It does not matter if you are visiting India or the neighboring countries for a cultural, pilgrimage, adventurous, wildlife, sports, yoga or a business tour, we have the most exclusive and custom-designed travel packages for all of the above purposes.


Supported by a dedicated network of professionals and industry experts, we have left no tourist destination unexplored for our inbound patrons.

We started...


Dec 2020
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Upcoming Offices





Our commitment to customers, employees, partners and shareholders

Delight Travels is committed to delivering on the company’s vision and customer value proposition. Our board, leadership team and employees are all invested in creating and sustaining a workplace culture that supports equality of opportunity, empowerment, collaboration and recognition.


As a result, we continue to develop a highly engaged workforce and strategic thinking across every member of our team for the long-term benefit of our customers, partners and investors.

Our Vision
To be recognized as the global leader in travel management solutions – an entrepreneurial, innovative and inspiring company of choice for employees, customers, partners and shareholders

We take time to listen, understand and utilize what makes us different and how we set ourselves apart. - We go above and beyond in delivering benefit to all our stakeholders - We live by our corporate values – both internally and externally - We are developing a highly motivated and empowered workforce - We are developing ground breaking technologies which will define the future of travel

Our Mission
To be travel management leaders in all regions in which we operate, using innovative technology to improve the customer experience and bring positive change to the market.

At all times, we will demonstrate a return on investment to our customers and suppliers. We will empower our teams to make the best decisions for our customers. Our shareholders will be at the forefront of our business growth strategy.

Our Customer Value Proposition
Our commitment to our customers is:

- To deliver personalized and flexible service solutions - To develop industry leading technologies which enhance the customer experience - To demonstrate a return on investment measured through achieved savings

Our Company Values

Exceed to Service: Excellence is a habit not an act. Trust to Succeed: Belief is what makes a person, team, company and community stronger. Innovate to Generate: Innovation in thinking and doing what nobody else does. Collaborate to Perform: Through teamwork wonderful things will be achieved. Play to Win: People are successful when they have fun in what they do. Empowered to Achieve: The power to make the right decision to achieve great results. Recognize to Reward: Celebrate and acknowledge when we have accomplished something special.


Help us make business travel better

TravelPerk is fixing one of the biggest unsolved problems faced by businesses and changing the future of business travel. Our team is made up of the best of the best in the travel and SaaS industries, from over 30 different countries. Want to join us in taking business travel into the future?

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