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"It is safe to fly, if we observe all those protocols in place"

Find information about the current travel restrictions


Nigeria Travel Guidelines

The country has about 31 airports. There are about 39 AOC holders (for schedule and non schedule flight operations) while about 28 foreign airlines are operating to Nigeria.


“It is safe to fly, if we observe all those protocols in place.”


Passengers on international flights will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test in order to board and pay for another test after they arrive in Nigeria. Further will also be required to fill in an online health questionnaire and present it to authorities when they land.

India Travel Guidelines

In India airlines are all set to fly you from India to destinations abroad and back to India as well. However, flying in the new normal comes with a new set of regulations. Please ensure you complete all the requirements so as to enjoy a hassle-free and safe journey through.


For international arrivals, as per the new guidelines, travellers will not be required to undergo institutional or home quarantine if they can submit a negative RT-PCR report that has been conducted within 72 hours of their journey.


Trip Cancellations

If you were booked on a tour that has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. You do not need to contact us to confirm your travel credit as it has been automatically applied to your Intrepid booking file. Simply contact us when the time comes that you are ready to re-book. You can redeem your travel credit on almost any Intrepid trip globally, so it does not have to be the same tour you were originally booked on. We want to provide you with as much flexibility as we can, so that you have plenty of time to plan and re-book your future travel with us.


Travel Alerts

We constantly monitor global issues, ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of the areas we visit. With multiple operational offices around the world in a variety of destinations, Intrepid has access to real-time safety updates and information within the countries we travel to. Our staff are available to provide support to travellers on the ground if required.


Covid-19 Travel Regulations Update

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